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2021June 3, 2008 : 熱田神宮

2021May 30, 2010 : タクシーに鞄忘れるハプニング

2021May 30, 2010 : 6A day off in May

2021年5月11日 : 小4息子

2021May 10, 2008 : 母の日ビックリ!!

Happy to be the best in my history with a skeleton straightening cut♪
Paris has a history of 27 years, and many wonderful staff members became independent, married and left the nest. In addition, we have been allowed to one salon that has continued three stores with a lot of patronage from customers in Nara, and it became a relaxing salon.

We will continue to accept new things and help each and every one of our customers carefully style them. We are looking forward to seeing you for the first time.

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